“Challenge the status quo through the lens of our values. This is our rallying cry.” --Pat O’Dea, Peet’s Coffee & Tea CEO, 2011 Annual Report

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happy One Month Anniversary

It seems like an appropriate time to give credit to the bloggers and journalists we know of who have written about Peet's Workers Group since we sent our letter on Labor Day, one month ago:

September 6
Has Peet's coffee Starbucked itself?
Retired public school teacher, CPS teachers’ advocate, and loyal Peet's customer Fred Klonsky 

September 12
At Peet's and everywhere: United and working for a living
Writer, educator, activist, and member of the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, Sister Julia Walsh

September 14
Chicago Peet's Employees are Organizing -- 
Could the East Bay Be Next?
East Bay Express Staff Writer and Web Editor Ellen Cushing 
Ellen was nominated for the prestigious James Beard Foundation award for journalism excellence for her article "How Peet's Starbucked Itself", from September 2011.

September 18
CTU votes to suspend strike. A wheel inside a wheel.
Fred again, delivering an update about the gathering of supporters outside the meeting.

September 20
Grande Activism with Academia on the Side
Journalist and Loyola graduate student in Social Work and Women and Gender Studies, Natalie Beck
Download the PDF. It's on page 10.

September 25
Peet's Coffee Chicago: We Deserve a Living Wage!
House the Homeless newsletter editor Katie McCaskey

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